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We hope that you enjoy this small sampling of projects.  We are always happy to discuss with you other projects that are similar to your needs in size and scope.  These represent several different types of roofing systems as well as complex projects that required a unique safety plan.

The Coca-Cola Company

Although we re-roofed the entire headquarters in Atlanta, this shot is the re-roofing of the bridge over North Avenue.  We show this one to demonstrate our commitment to safety while taking on complex projects.  Our MOD factor is .70 which is unheard of in our industry.  ALL people, employees, clients, the public are a focal point for safe practices on every project.   This is a grey adhered TPO over tapered insulation.

AT&T Midtown Center Complex

This is the project that we won the national 2018 Gold Circle Award for Workmanship in Low Slope Roofing.  Two buildings, one 600' tall, one eight stories that had a myriad of challenges including access, material handling, waste handling, tight deadline, multiple stakeholders, noise, wind uplift, etc..  The project came off beautifully thanks to a fantastic partnership by AT&T and great dedication by Klein Contracting long term employees.  The different buildings had different, yet similar systems to support the unique needs of a skyrise and a data facility.

Dekalb County School District, Glen Haven Elementary School

This is one of many examples of us working in an environment that we considered sacred.  This is an elementary school that was in session while we re-roofed it.  We enjoy getting to know the principal and staff and of course, respecting the needs they have to educate our children.  This is an Energy Star mod bit applied via torch down over lightweight concrete.  

Georgia State University, One Park Place

The campus of Georgia State University is located in downtown, Atlanta.  Many of the buildings they occupy have extremely limited access coupled with limited capacity to move materials and handle waste.  This is a cold processed mod bit system installed on a high rise building in a congested area.  

Highwoods, Century Center 1800

The client needed a new roof but we needed to conduct our work in a safe manner.  This roof had no boundaries and anyone could have walked right off the side of this highrise.  We worked with the client to solve this problem and to install anchors prior to beginning the project.

Dekalb County School District, Towers High School

We are honored to have completed many projects for the Dekalb County School district.  Klein Contracting is located within the county and we are thrilled to work with such an important organization.  Although the roof system and conditions were similar to the aforementioned DCSD school, this project was done as a full design build so we had the opportunity to work on every phase of planning and designing this project with the client.

Grady Hospital, Atrium

Although this wasn't a large project, it had unique needs.  The only access to the roof was through a window.  That window happened to be located in the maternity ward!  We built a small "room" in front of the window so as not to distract from the important business at hand.  Additionally we had to be VERY sensitive to both noise and odors on this project.  We did not want to interrupt the joy of families welcoming a new baby!  This was a 20 year NDL mod bit system.

Fulton County Schools, South Fulton Warehouse

This is not your average warehouse.  Not only are the contents critical to the school district but the deck on this roof had given way in several places and needed extensive repair.  The school could no longer allow access to the roof by anyone as it was a fall hazard.  The project went both safely and smoothly.  This was a 20 year NDL TPO system.

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