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Areas of Focus

We focus on offering roofing, re-roofing and design build solutions for roofing needs.  We also focus on the importance to pre construction with each client.  We focus on the highest quality products and don't install every roofing manufacturer's product.  We keep a selection of only the best products with the best warranties in the business. 

Roofing and Re-Roofing

For over two decades, the heart of our business has been re-roofing.  Our projects range in complexity from high-rise buildings to switching stations to maternity wards.  We serve an equal mix of both public as well as private clients in the Southeast USA.  We also serve the needs of many new construction projects for situations where the owner is interested in long term solutions.   

We provide solutions that will not disrupt everyday business while offering a 15, 20 or 30 year No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranty on their new roofing systems.  We strive to work efficiently and to find the most cost effective solution.  

Design Build

Whether you have large scale or small-scale roofing needs, new construction or re-roofing, we can offer a range of resources for your roofing project.  We can eliminate the headache of managing multiple sub contractors and offer one point of contact for every phase of the project.  We supply a unified approach to keeping all the professionals on your project communicating and acting as one team to serve all your needs. 


We can supply all assurances, including many references, insurance, in house engineering, etc. to satisfy the most discriminating purchasing team.  We complete your project on time and within budget thus eliminating confusion, surprises and duress.


No one wants any surprises on their construction project and during pre construction, we strive to work with the client to define every aspect of the project.  This includes:


  • Clearly define the goals of the project (Scope)

  • Discuss and introduce project team and project supervision

  • Define budget and work to value engineer the project

  • Define a schedule that accommodates all needs

  • Review all project drawings

  • Review all safety concerns and the site safety plan

  • Discuss all aspects of the site plan

  • Review and provide all documentation

  • Define meeting schedules for construction phase


We do not represent every roofing manufacturer. The manufactures’ that we represent we select carefully and have an open line of communication so that we are assured the client receives what they need to solve any complex roofing problem. We understand the need for clients to believe in the warranty of their roof systems and therefore do not deviate from the details that the manufacturer wants in a high quality roof system.  These are the manufacturers that stand behind their products and offer the most advantageous No Dollar Limit (NDL) warranties in the business. 


Feel free to click on the logo of the manufacturers below to go to each of their websites and learn more about them. 

Photo to the right is one of our projects represented on the Derbigum website.

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